Getting to know: Elyn

Elyn (Manon)

“Sonus est qui vivit in illa “– “It’s sound that lives in her”. A quote from Manons favorite storyteller: Ovidius, simply because telling stories with music is what she loves to do most. Growing up in a musical family, music has always been a natural thing and a big part of Manons life. As a little girl, she looked up to her father, who performed on stage with his band regularly. At home she would climb next to him on the stool behind the piano, where she started to sing her first songs and play her first notes. 

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Getting to know: CØDA (Claire)

CØDA (Claire)

Claire has an eclectic musical background which she uses to influence and inspire her as a singer/songwriter. 

She started playing the piano from a young age and it was through her piano exams that she discovered a love for singing. She quickly developed a love for classical, operettas and musical theatre which led to her gaining a place at the London School of Musical Theatre. After graduating she performed in various musicals before a drive to expand her musical repertoire led to new paths. 

Claire had her professional breakthrough performing with Rihanna as a support act on her Good Girl Gone Bad UK Tour where she performed at some of the UKs largest arenas including the stage to some of the world's most prestigious performers, the infamous Wembley Stadium. She continued as a recording artist with tracks entering the UK chart and made numerous TV and concert appearances

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Getting to know: Nina Brook 

Nina Brook

"Where words fail, music speaks" is a quote that is very close to Nina's heart since she loves expressing her feelings with music.Nina discovered her love for music when she started with keyboard lessons as an 8-year-old. She also attended singing contests and won at the age of 12. That's when her love for singing was born.One day, her keyboard teacher played a song that Nina recognized because she had sung it a few times at home. 

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