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"You know what a lot of singer/songwriters miss? It's the proactive work ethic Carola does have.

Wether you pitch an idea for a quick fix or you need a full vocal concept. She's the girl who instantly gets it and jumps aboard to make the most of it. She lifts every project to the level you weren't able to reach before and there's nothing she can't do.

An absolute pleasure to work with but most of all, a brilliant singer/songwriter.And not to forget; a pleasant person as well :)" ~ Alexander (JNXD)

"Very nice to work with! Provides very good quality and ideas!" ~ Manji (Bloodlust)

"Carola is a very talented and professional singer and songwriter. Whether you need lyrics written or vocals sang. She always provides and delivers top notch vocals. Very happy to work with her on future projects"  ~ René (Digital Punk)

"Carola makes sure that my støries on paper take on a musical form. It is important to me that the message in my concepts stays clear in the vocals that are written. This goes naturally with every collaboration, time after time. Few words are needed to turn an idea into reality, which makes working with Carola indispensable." ~ Stan Broeksteeg