About me

I am a singer, songwriter and musician from The Netherlands. Born in the south of Holland, I grew up in a little village called Voorschoten. As soon as I could speak my first words, I started to sing.  At a very young age it was already crystal clear that music was going to be a big part of my life. I always heard melodies in my head, and creative assignments in school usually resulted in me writing songs or poetry. When I started to join choirs, theatre groups and danceteams I just knew: I am made for this. 

There wasn't only one particular music genre that I was interested in. I wanted to discover as many styles as possible. In my years as a singer/songwriter I've practiced pop music, musical theatre, opera, jazz, soul, funk and rock. Next to singing and songwriting I also play the piano, which makes practising many different genres even more fascinating to me. These various styles have made my career both interesting and lively. There have been a lot of highlights like singing for the king of Holland, being on tv shows and performing for more than 5.000 people in a sold out AFAS Live.

The harder styles of EDM

Right now, my main focus lies within the harder styles of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I discovered my passion for this music genre in 2016 when I started to attend Dutch music festivals like Decibel and Defqon1. I immediately fell in love with the vibe, the community, the dedication and, of course, the music. 

Soon after this, I started to make mash-ups of my favorite hardstyle tracks by putting the vocal parts from these tracks in one song. It was merely a coincidence that Warface, a very big DJ in the hardstyle scene at that time, found my video and wanted to work with me. 

On the rise

Since that very moment I got the opportunity to build a name for myself, working with big artists in the scene like E-force, D-Sturb, Delete, Digital Punk and many others. Some of the tracks I've worked on have reached number one spots in the hardstyle charts and my Spotify page has reached over 141.000 monthly listeners. I always try to put my creativity and love for music in all of the songs I work on and my main goal is to inspire and touch people with the music I make. The most important thing for me is that people are captivated until long after the last note. 


So far, I've done a lot of work in the harder styles of EDM and it is my ambition to start working in other genres of EDM as well. Deep house and liquid drum & bass are genres that I would really like to discover. As an artist it is important to me that I keep growing and that I keep exploring all my possibilities. Sticking with one style of music is just not who I am and that is precisely what makes my career so exciting!


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