Vocal recordings

Carola Music provides professionally recorded dry vocals. Dry vocals are mostly preferred by producers because this way, the producer is free in choosing his or her own effects and/or vocal chains. 

The vocal samples are arranged in clear folders and variety will always be taken into account. For example: a sentence can be recorded in a variety of different styles by using specific vocal techniques. Attention will be paid to this fact so the producer can choose between a variety of different vocal samples. 

If a producer wishes to work with vocal harmonies, second and third voice vocals can be added for free. In consultation with the producer,  there will be determined for which part of the song a second or third voice vocal will  be recorded. 


Vocal hooks, short vocal parts and full songs can be written on commission. Carola Music strives to deliver original, innovative and non-predictable lyrics by using metaphors and words fitting the desired theme.

Live performance

Carola Music provides live music at restaurants, hotels, corporate events, graduation ceremonies, weddings and many more. There are four ways in which live performances can be delivered. 

Acoustic performance - Vocalist with piano accompaniment

Acoustic performance - Vocalist & 1 or 2 guitarists

Live band - Vocalist & possible musicians: guitarist(s), bass guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, saxophonist, backing vocalist(s)

Possibilities depending on performance date(s) and budget.

Individual booking

In addition to the four options above, Carola can also be booked individually if the musical accompaniment is arranged by the client.

Consult the contact page for bookings and additional questions.