Elyn (Manon)

“Sonus est qui vivit in illa “– “It’s sound that lives in her”. A quote from Manons favorite storyteller: Ovidius, simply because telling stories with music is what she loves to do most. Growing up in a musical family, music has always been a natural thing and a big part of Manons life. As a little girl, she looked up to her father, who performed on stage with his band regularly. At home she would climb next to him on the stool behind the piano, where she started to sing her first songs and play her first notes. 

In her teenage years, she turned her bedroom into a small recording studio. Little did she know that her first topline would be created there.

Since 2013, Manon can be regularly found on hardstyle, house and drum&bass festivals. There she imagined how it would be to hear her own voice through those immense speakers and how the audience would dance on her melodies. That dream soon became reality.

In 2015, Elyn came in contact with Dj Deetox and together they made the track ‘Paralyzed’. This was the beginning of Elyn (derived from Manons second name: Eline).

She and Deetox turned out to be a rock-solid combination, creating more and more tracks like ‘Inferno’, ‘Fallen’ and ‘Breaking Barriers’. Collaborations with Sound Rush, MYST and Jay Reeve soon followed.

Elyn also started doing voice-overs for trailers, endshows and big anthems for festivals like Indicator, the biggest hardstyle event of the Northern Netherlands. Studiowork wasn’t the only thing that stole Elyn’s musical heart. During this period in her career, her love for performing on stage also grew.

She started doing live performances at a variety of locations in The Netherlands, including the ‘Melkweg’ in Amsterdam and ‘Hedon’ in Zwolle. But the absolute highlight of her career was, of course, the Airbed Concert at Defqon.1, where she performed live for hundreds of ‘Weekend Warriors’

Even though her heart lies with the styles of EDM, Elyn is ready to make her voice ring in other genres of EDM as well!